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, loan buyers need to be aware the six skills?
1, apply for a credit line to lose
2, impossible to choose a good lender
3, to select the most suitable payment mode
4, provide information to banks to the real
5, to provide my address to be accurate, timely,
6, monthly repayments on time to avoid penalties

two considerations, loan company mortgages?
1 before, contact borrowers to apply for a loan, you can consult several loan companies. Different loan companies to charge loan fees is different.
2, and loan company on borrowing people of credit requirements not has Bank of requirements so strictly, but if borrowing people of credit too poor, application loan is has must of difficulty of;
3, and is not all car are can mortgage application loan, only meet loan institutions conditions of car only can do mortgage application loan;
4, and if wants to or guard loan words, need looking for to right of loan institutions of while, borrowing people provides of information complete;
5, and If the name property of the borrower, can submit relevant information on real estate to finance companies, though not mortgages, but are successfully obtained a loan to the borrower.

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