No credit history apply for small loans

credit is very important in the process of applying for loans. Good credit (with a good credit history), lending a smooth access to micro-loans. If your credit record is relatively poor, apply for a loan would be difficult. Here we introduce some methods of applying for small loans without credit records.

no credit history apply for microcredit methods

1, bank credit

  Bank loans will have considerable difficulty. Because Bank loans tend to view your personal credit history. There is even part of the loans have no credit record not be released at all. Want to smooth access to loans, lenders should at least provide provide personal assets as collateral or collateral evidence to prove ability to repay.

2, micro-loan company loan

  mortgage company loans, general demand for personal credit is not so clear, will not be particularly emphasized. Personal no credit history, loan companies are eligible to apply for the loan. However, the premise is that you have to have the loan terms. Loan terms generally include: 1 stable income, at least more than 3000; 2, a steady income for more than six months; 3, can provide evidence of sufficient assets or assets better.


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